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What happens when two giants of media, TV and publishing combine forces? Something dramatic no doubt. And that is exactly what has happened after Channel 4 teamed up with Bauer Media to create heat4…Live!
There is good reason why this new creation sounds like E4, it is an excellent marketing ploy full of valuable associations. The Heat4 platform will offer a fully inclusive social TV experience which will incorporate three live social TV events and will also support all of Channel 4’s output.
The marketing machine has already started in earnest to get Heat4 out in the open, and marketers are using all of the tools in the toolbox to publicise the new medium. This includes Bauer’s powerful editorial and advertising arm, ranging from Heat, more! magazine and across all of More’s Facebook site. This represents huge exposure.
Not to mention the radio campaign that is currently underway on stations like heat and Kiss. But how did this collaborationg come about? Well, OMD made the first move and pitched the idea to Bauer’s execs, talking about the possibility of a channel that offered ‘an innovative and noisy new platform that speaks to Channel 4’s core values’. They loved the sound of it.
Lucy Banks, the exec creative director of Bauer Media, said: “We are thrilled to be producing this brilliant campaign in partnership with Channel 4. It allows us to use heat’s ability to ramp up engagement and ‘editorialise’ excitement about great Channel 4 shows with this ground-breaking new format that rewards their viewers – and ours - with an even deeper experience of the stuff they love best.”
James Walker, the head of marketing at Channel 4, said: “The way people watch TV is changing all the time and we’re constantly looking to create new and exciting ways that bring audiences to, and engage them with, our shows. Combining Heat’s strong editorial with Channel 4’s great programming will make for a really captivating viewer experience and we’ve loved working with Bauer to bring Heat4 to life.”
The exclusive opening of Heat4 will take place online at 6.30pm on 8 June 2012, and will centre around the Hollyoaks ‘Savage Party’ special. In many ways this campaign is designed to capitalise on the rise of Social TV, and provide a range of tailored supplementary content while the shows are playing and after they finish. This will include a live and interactive online 15 minute ‘show-about-the-show’ which follows immediately after the programme. Exciting times ahead at Channel 4.

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