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As social media becomes more prevalent in all aspects of life, users are becoming more expressive with the use of videos. When people think of social videos, they often think of adverts and marketing clips. However, with the increasing participation of people in social networks and the reliance on technology for interaction, more people are broadcasting using this new way of communication.
In the past, the idea of Image By: Daehyun Parkpersonal broadcasting using social videos was rare or unheard of. People were not familiar with it, and social media had no avenue for broadcasting such videos to the general public. The only way for people to self-broadcast was by showing their videos to close friends and family. Thus, clips ended up as home movies with only a few, mostly from famous people, reaching the masses.
Fast forward a few years and, with the introduction of social networking, we have an avenue for people to broadcast their videos. Just like companies who use this system to make their products known, people are also increasing their status by use of social videos. From holiday videos, to wedding ceremonies and other events, people are constantly posting their videos though social media.
Personal broadcasting has also been increased by the availability of websites where you can upload your videos and share them with the rest of the world. This has meant that more and more people post their social videos, which reach many more people than they could via their social networks. The leading site for video sharing is YouTube, which receives millions of hits a day.
Personal broadcasting is done for different reasons. Some professionals use this method to advertise their businesses, others prefer to use this in a more individual and personal way, whilst many like the attention and want to spreading their message, whatever that may be.

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