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Since the invention of television, constant improvements have been made to make it more enticing for the viewers. One of the latest elements is play along television programmes. The concept of play along television is for the purpose of social interaction. It enables viewers to be able to interact with each other and be part of the programme that they are watching.
People in the television industry have started to understand the need for viewers to interact with each other and this enables it. You, as the viewer, can be part of the show by participating; you can also join in on online forums where different people interact as they view the program.
Play along television programmes have been inspired by the level at which people are engaging in social networks. This constant sharing, communicating and interacting have come to define how people live, and the same thing is transcending into television viewership.
Television programmes need to enable people to communicate with each other by sharing their thoughts and feelings on different shows, the same way as they would share information through other social media outlets. As much as play along TV is trying to bring social interaction into television viewership; it might be too little too late.
With the spread of online social media, less people are tuning into television and therefore the idea of play along TV is, even now, outdated. Many people, in fact, do not know how the concept is executed or how to participate. People who do not watch that much television have no idea of its existence.
Play along television programmes are a worthy addition to social interaction. But the major downside is the poor reception it has received from the general public. If people could be convinced to go back to watching more television then this concept could thrive.

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