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The smart phone is the latest development in the mobile telephone sector and more many people couldn't go a day without their smart phones. With email access, instant messaging services, text chat and the ability to video call, smart phones are a huge upgrade on traditional telephones. The ability to improve social interaction has been magnified. It is not only personal, but also a digital link to the rest of the world.
Smart phones have increased the level of social interaction between people, and now owners constantly communicate with each other. People are regularly using instant messaging services, rather than making the occasional phone call. The feature of video calling has also had great effect on social interaction. You no longer have to imagine the person you are talking to anymore, you can actually see them for yourself.
Another feature of the smart phone that has been a great contribution to social interaction is the camera. This enables people to document their daily occurrences and then share them with the world. Cameras are also used to record events that would otherwise have been missed, as most people do not walk around with their video recorders and cameras out at all times. These photographs are normally uploaded onto social networking sites, directly from the smart phone, and shared with friends and strangers alike.
People who use smart phones have become very attached to them, that they are viewed as a necessity in many people's daily lives. If you have a smart phone that helps you keep in touch with people in so many different ways, you would not wish to go back to an old mobile phone, or worse, a pager.
However, smart phones are not always viewed as being a positive influence on social interaction. With all their features, they have been blamed for deterioration of physical and face-to-face social interaction. People are often distracted when trying to communicate with others given that their smart phones are constantly receiving bleeping. Regardless, it is still hard to deny the contribution of the smart phone to the way we interact.

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