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The application market is booming just now, and entrepreneurs are constantly trying to develop the next big thing. One person who has achieved this is Mark Malkoun, who invented the Citizen journalism app known as Signal. But what does it do I hear you ask? Well, it is an innovative piece of social media and news reporting software which should assist the community at large to affect the news, and rank a story in terms of its importance and legitimacy. It is a photojournalism app which provides citizens with the initiative to report and find news for themselves, cutting out the slow and biased online newswires. This is what Mark Malkoun had to say about his new piece of journalistic kit:
What inspired you to create Signal?
A personal desire to get a simple way of seeing what’s happening around you straight from the people. Users are already using their cell phones to take pictures of interesting things they encounter and posting them to social networks, or sending them to traditional news corporation like CNN IReport… However, traditional news are centralized and can be slow or biased… And existing social networks tend to be news about friends, people, or brands and not suitable for on-the-ground events.
How does it work?
Signal is an iPhone application that allows users to create mini-stories by capturing real-world events through camera, Geo-location, and have the community vote for these mini-stories to derive the top ones. The final result is an app that shows you the top stories of any country of the world, completely created and voted by the users in a systematic decentralized way.
Is Signal local or global project?
It is definitely a global project.
What is Signal’s specialty ?
Being a complete decentralized citizen journalism solution.
Since you launched a citizen journalism app, does that mean that you have enough confidence in citizen journalists and their ethics?
Citizen journalism works, and we are seeing its tremendous effect on existing social networks. That being said, verification and quality control is very important and one of the things we do is that we rely on images more than texts, and all images are less than 72 hrs old and geo-tagged, which means that this information is being taken directly from the device to avoid any human error.

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